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Let’s Talk Horror

At this time of the year, I love to end my days watching horror movies. I’ll curl up on the couch, grab a big old bowl of popcorn, and just enjoy the show.  Lot’s channels are currently helping me get my horror fix (Thanks so much, SyFy, for your 31 days of horror!).

There are certain types of horror films that I really enjoy.  Campy flicks are my 1st love.  Yes, that’s why I’m addicted to SyFy Saturday. I don’t feel afraid during these movies–the whole thing is just a fun ride for me. Films like LAKE PLACID and ANACONDAS (The Hunt for the Blood Orchid) get watched over and over at my house.  How can I turn away from them?

And when I’m in the mood for a scare, I tend to go for the psychological flicks.  To me, what you don’t see coming for you is far more frightening than what is actually jumping out on the screen. I like to feel the build-up of tension.  The fear. Mind games always get to me.

What I don’t like? Gore for the sake of gore. Gross-out horror (yeah, HUMAN CENTIPEDE, I’m talking to you). That’s just not my style.  Poop doesn’t do it for me.

What about you?  What’s your horror style?

Thanks for coming by to check out my post!! Have a great day!


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