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My 1st date with an Octoposeidon Shapeshifter!

Readers who’ve read my shapeshifter erotic romance “Passionate Ink” will know what I’m taking about when I mention I wouldn’t mind having a date with an Octoposeidon male. *grin*

For folks who don’t know what an Octoposeidon is, he or she is half human and half octopus.  During the day they live just like you and I in human form, but at night, they shift into their partial human and partial octopus forms, seeking out the sea where they mate like crazy with their numerous tentacles and dine on seafood and swim leisurely around. Not a bad life, eh?

Octoposeidon in their changed state have tentacles. Lots and lots of tentacles, perfect dating material for a chicka like myself who has a bit of a tentacle fetish. I never had one until I started researching for “Passionate Ink”. I also discovered that tentacle erotica is big in Japan. and it’s even bigger in my imagination.

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, a design by Hokusai of 1814 depicting a woman engaging in sex with a pair of octopi.

( a design by Hokusai )

So, I’d like to date my male character “Calder Croft” who we first meet in “Passionate Ink“. By daylight he oozes sexuality with a muscular body and wide shoulders and a tentacle tattoo on his most intimate part. *jan blushing*.

And when he shifts into his Octoposeidon form, his arms and legs turn into plump tentacles with delightful suction cups lacing those tentacles. No need for threesomes or foursomes, if you catch what I mean, because he’s well equipped all on his own. And yeah, with an Octoposeidon I’d go all the way on a first date. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. It’s our secret.

Here’s a little peek at Passionate Ink, an erotic romance for tattoo and tentacle lovers.

Caution: Adult Excerpt from “Passionate Ink”

“Okay, so he’s not married,” Cat confessed. “But he’s got a girlfriend with a tentacle fetish and that’s why he’s giving her a tattoo. It’s a present to her.”

Misty gazed up at her. “And you’ve got the same fetish. The man is available, girlfriend. A-v-a-i-l-a-b-l-e. No wedding ring means he is still available.”

Disappointment rocked Cat. She’d never go after a man who was so obviously in love with another woman. So in love he was getting her something as permanent as a tattoo.

“I don’t steal boyfriends, Misty. You know me better than that.”

Misty grimaced and closed her eyes and settled her head back onto her arms, as if she was about to take a nap, which she usually did when she came over to visit and they lay on the beach.

“Yeah, I know,” Misty said sadly. “And with that kind of attitude you’re never going to catch a man, Cat.”

Well, then if that’s the way it had to be, then so be it. Cat grabbed her mattress, shoving it under her right arm before padding barefoot toward the gently lapping ocean.

The sun was just setting and it sat like a giant ball right on top of the ocean, casting orange sparkles across the small waves. As her toes dipped into the cool water, all the tension from today’s happenings suddenly seemed to melt out of her body and slip into the water.

Despite the conversation she’d just had with Misty about not going after another woman’s man, she couldn’t stop thinking about Calder. Couldn’t wait to see him again…

Cat walked farther into the ocean, the water now embracing her breasts. She let the air mattress float on the water beside her and held it with one hand, readying it so she could shove her upper body on top and kick her way farther out.

But instead of following through on her intention, she smiled as she continued to look down. Beneath the water’s edge, her tattoos seemed to come alive, moving back and forth on her body like arms beckoning her to dive under and swim like the animals. To be free and just float through the water, light and weightless. Her arms and legs transformed into tentacles, stroking the cool liquid with ease. She imagined herself as a squid or an octopus or some sea creature, her tentacles waving at her mate.

Oh yes, she would definitely have a sexual partner. Catalina smiled and incredible warmth burst inside her as she imagined having a male companion to swim with, to make love with and to love.

A tentacle of her partner would magically strip off her bikini top and bottom and wrap around each of her breasts, the suction cups holding her tightly, while two other tentacles would stroke her nipples until they were tight and achy. A swollen, hot appendage would snugly encircle her waist, holding her steady while yet another slipped into her ass.

She gasped at the sensual fullness as he explored her…

I’m thrilled to say I’ve had requests for a sequel to Passionate Ink, so it seems I am not the only one with a naughty tentacle fetish. LOL. So, it’s off to outline a sequel. I do hope you enjoyed today’s post! Have yourselves a wonderful weekend and until we meet again, stay safe.



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