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The New Noir

This month we’ve been discussing our favorite noir films etc., and I thought I’d be the only one left on the sidelines looking on, unable to contribute. See, I’m not really a big movie fan, and I haven’t read a true noir book since I found a box of old hardboiled detective books when I was in my early teens… and that was a loooong time ago, so I’d have a hard time remembering which was my favorite.

Then, on Friday, I decided to make a Jamaican candy that involves breaking two dried coconuts, prying the meat out of the shells and cutting it up into very small pieces. Definitely one of those tasks that keeps your hands busy but doesn’t really involve lots of thinking, so I was browsing through the TV channels looking for something to watch, and came across a marathon of Longmire. Oh, yeah…


And, as I watched this dark, gritty show, I realized I had found the topic of this blog post. Maybe it wouldn’t be considered traditional film noir, but when I looked for a definition of the term, I came across this, on good ol’ Wikipedia: Film noir is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations.

Yep, Longmire fits the definition, in my estimation anyway, if you don’t get too picky about what they mean by ‘stylish’. If you haven’t seen it, the story centers on Sheriff Walt Longmire, sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming, who has returned to work after his wife’s death. Not only does he have to contend with crime in his county, an ambitious deputy who wants his job and racial issues between the Anglo and Native populations but also the fallout from his wife’s murder, which hasn’t been solved.

I haven’t watched the entire series but one of the things I really like is that I can watch an episode I haven’t seen before and I don’t feel as though nothing makes sense. I find it enthralling—just the kind of atmospheric show I think falls squarely into the Noir genre. If you’ve never seen it, and enjoy crime dramas, I’d recommend this one. It’s one of those shows where even the best character has a dark side, where you’re left asking who can be trusted—and realize you’d be a fool to put your trust in the complete goodness of any of them. Even the hero. Kind of like in real life…

I love it, to the depths of its (and my) dark soul!

Journeys Through Seduction

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Supernatural, Merlin, Twitter, Blogging, Fotolia and More

bigstock_Male_Rear_In_Underwear_405966My MANhandler picture today is one of my personal favorites. I’m rather partial to everything about this photo. Everything. Enjoy!

I am admittedly either very good at avoiding writing or very bad at managing my time. I’m not sure which it is, but it’s sort of a personal epiphany to sit here and acknowledge all the things I do other than write when I sit in front of the computer. For example, when I received my reminder that this was my day to blog, I immediately ditched the manuscript and dove into writing here vs. there. Such a lack of willpower! I’m easily led astray these days, and here are a few of the things that occupy my attention:

Supernatural: I’m pretty much an urban fantasy diehard, and some of what I write is pretty graphic in the way of violence. Ironically, I have to watch half of this show through my fingers. But when the eyes are on the screen and the hands over the face, very little writing gets done. Yay, Netflix! NOT HAPPY. I blame Tibby Armstrong.

Merlin: I’m a total BBC-Wales addict thanks to this show. I don’t catch it on regular programming, but I bought the first season on a whim and became addicted within minutes. I absolutely love this show and will watch it over and over and over. So good!

Twitter: It’s nothing for me to fall into Twitter and emerge hours later wondering what happened. I become engrossed in the most ridiculous things, like #Sharknado. W. T. H. My brain automatically assigns hashtags to things now. It’s a real #problem.

Blogging: I love to blog. It’s like chatting, and I’m very proficient at chatting. Sometimes I’ll get a wild hair and have to go write Laptop and Email symbol in devil shapeimmediately, sharing thoughts and ideas and best practices with my readers and fellow writers. Other times it’s publishing news. And yet others? It’s all about me getting a cat. Capital time suck.

Fotolia: This is my favorite royalty-free photo site. Sometimes, when I’m looking for inspiration for a book or a scene or a setting, I’ll spend an hour or three browsing photos and adding to my collection of MANhandler pics. Hey, somebody has to do it!

And the “more” I reference? That’s the internet in general. I get lost in it, browsing Ebay and CNN and Yahoo. It’s ridiculous! If I’d gain a little more focus and hammer on, I’d get a lot more done. I just don’t think life would be complete without my MANhandler days, though. They keep me sane. 🙂


What are your favorite online haunts? Share and give me other places to frequent. Pretty please?

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