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I’m scared!

Ohlala I love being scared… and the Friday the 13th horror movies & The Walking Dead tv series does a fine job in keeping me jumping off my seat.

I saw the very first Friday the 13th (  when I was nineteen or twenty. The movie centered around a camp for kids in the wilderness and a slasher named Jason in a hockey mask who went around killing the teen councilors (if I remember right). Jason was rumored to be a kid who drowned in the camp lake due to neglect from the camp councilors and he’s come back from the grave to get even.


That first movie in the series was especially impressive because on the lake where we used to have our cottage, there was a camp for kids nearby and lots of woods. It looked oddly similar to the camp in the movie, so after seeing Friday the 13th (and quite a few of the sequels – I think there are 12 or 13 at last count) I was always a bit uneasy when I would traipse out in the night and head to the old outhouse thinking that Jason was lurking around, ready to murder me. Okay…I even have the goose bumps thinking about it while I am writing this post.


A current favorite horror tv show is leaving me with tons of goosebumps too. The Walking Dead is a zombie apocalypse and follows the trials and tribulations of a group of survivors who deal with zombies on a daily basis. Currently the group of ragtag survivors is holed up in a penitentiary. But last season was especially gut wrenching as a young teenage boy named Carl had to kill his mother because she died in childbirth (the baby survived) and when people die in this world they automatically turn into zombies. Poor Carl didn’t want that for his mom and so he shot her in the head – that’s how you kill zombies.

Does anyone watch the Walking Dead? Anyone love being scared by the Friday the 13th movies? LOL

Hope you all have a frightfully delightful HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!



The Dark Side – Zombies!

I must admit, I am a huge Zombie fan. Zombies scare me and we all like to be scared, sometimes, right?

A couple of years back my oldest nephew and I were so into zombies (we still are) and we even wrote a really good outline of a post-catastrophe romance loaded with zombies. We titled it “The Dark Side”…one day I will indie publish it…we just need an ending for the story…we may even turn it into a series.

Let me give you a glimpse into how our characters were able to survive the zombie apocalypse. They had to find an estate home in the country (our story takes place in Ontario, Canada). The estate had to be surrounded by tall stone walls and a good solid gate so the zombies couldn’t get in. (Plot hint: Just make sure one of your members doesn’t get drunk and accidentally leaves the gate open so the zombies enter and kill one of your people). Or for a really good survival spot you could settle for a penitentiary like the characters have done in the horror series “The Walking Dead”.


We made sure our characters had access to a decent well for water and some good fertile land for a garden so they can be self-sustainable in the fresh vegetable department. Yes, you still need to eat your veggies when the world goes zombie. And fruit trees are a must to prevent scurvy  So make sure if you ever need to find a good place to survive your zombie attack, that you have your fruit trees already there and don’t forget the Mason jars to preserve.

Our characters had to secure plenty of guns in order to target practice on the zombies that keep roaming just outside their walls. Breaking into police stations helped with that angle. Crossbows when you need to kill silently come in handy too…that is when you target sporting good stores. And you need to make sure you shoot the zombie in the brains as that’s what keeps them moving. Remember: Go for the head shot.

Trucks are a must, too, because you’ll need to do your grocery shopping for canned goods in all the abandoned grocery stores and malls. Can you picture it? For a good idea of malls and zombies, see the movie “Dawn of the Dead” with Sarah Polley.


In our story “The Dark Side” we also included marijuana…yep our heroine grows her own weed….she needs it to settle her nerves because it is tough not knowing if today is your last day as a human. But she gives up the weed habit when she meets her sexy hunk hero – an escaped convict…picture actor Sam Elliot in his younger years. Picture our heroine as actress Sarah Wayne Callies named Janna…



Okay so, if you are really into zombies, as I am, then you will want to try out a really neat Zombie game, Dead Frontier…”Welcome to hell” should give you a perspective of life with zombies in that scary game.

And last but not least, if you have any ideas of how to survive a zombie apocalypse. feel free to comment below and I may include it in The Dark Side! Thanks a bunch!

Hope you enjoyed our post and Happy Zombie Hunting!


Villains I love to Hate & Contest!!!

Can I say I love hating ZOMBIES!

THE WALKING DEAD is a perfect example! I’ve been following the horror tv series THE WALKING DEAD and I get so freaked out when those evil zombies kill one of my favorite characters. Who will be next? What if Laurie’s unborn baby dies inside of her…and turns into a zombie and then turns her into a zombie? OMG! I can’t watch! But I have to see what will happen week after week! I squirm in my seat and I love the horror those zombies inflict. Am I a sadist? LOL Anyone else enjoying “The Walking Dead”? Has anyone seen the movies Dawn of the Dead? Shaun of the Dead? Night of the Living Dead? What did you think of them?

I’m out of town for a few days but I would appreciate your help – hence where a chance at getting a prize comes in. Squeeeee!

Do you have a good zombie horror (erotic romance or not) ebook or book that you can recommend? I have plans to write a zombie horror erotic romance one of these days (I even have the outline all worked out) and I would love to see what other authors have done with zombies. Feel free to post below your recommendations in the comments section.

For your help I will pick one person from the comments section and post the winner’s name here when I get back to town and I will email the winner too.

Prize? The winner can pick one ebook from any of my Jan Springer ebooks and I’ll send it your way FREE (sorry Michaela’s Experiment is excluded). Thanks!

You can see the books up for grabs at this link:



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