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I’m Can’t Be Faithful

After seeing this week’s topic, I nearly skipped out on my post. Because really? One book? What is it about the state of our civilization that only superlatives will do? What is it about the state of my personality that I can’t give you an answer to the simple ‘my favorite book’ question. Just out of morbid curiosity, has anyone ever asked another human being “What’s your favorite book, ever?” and gotten a single title volume with no “Wait! I forgot about . . .” follow up??

So many loveable books in the world. I have to hang my head and confess that I must be a book slut. I can’t be faithful to just one. I’m sorry. I know I’ve let you all down. I’m just not wired that way. I mean, if you asked me which of *my* books was my fav, that answer is easy. The first one published. Enemy Within was magic in a way. Those characters are better than I am. By a long shot. And I have no clue how that happened. Although, (WARNING: Blatant plug forthcoming!) I’m surprisingly fond of a sword and sorcery short story that just came out in the two volume Thunderanthology THUNDER ON THE BATTLEFIELD (Seventh Star Press)

It’s set in ancient Egypt. After a fashion. Maybe I should call it pre-ancient Egypt. The temple of Sekhmet maintains a standing army of women. The heroine is dispatched by the priestesses to investigate offenses against the gods. If you like sword and sorcery, check out the anthology. It’s e-only, at the moment, but that’s to your benefit. The e-books are $4. When it comes out in print at the end of the month, the dead tree version will be $14.

This story connected me, in a way, with one of my favorite authors: Andre Norton. In my more ego-centric moments, I like to think she might have written something like it.  I know I’ve talked about her books before.  She’s fresh in my mind right now, because my husband and I have been attempting to make room in our storage unit for more stuff. In order to put more stuff in the unit, old stuff must depart the unit. So we go through our remaining worldly possessions on a regular basis, trying to weed out things we can live without. The single greatest space hog in that storage unit? You called it. Books.

And for me, the greatest bulk of my books are all Andre Norton’s – as in an entire foot trunk worth. Amusing aside – Andre Norton, who’s real name was Alice, wrote scifi and fantasy in the era when women *didn’t*. Hence the male pseudonym. My father, who’d introduced me to scifi in all forms, insisted that Andre Norton was male. Insisted. 😀

Regardless. I was well on my way to owning everything she’s ever written when we moved aboard the sailboat. Now, I’m attempting to replace my tattered, well-loved paper versions of her books with Kindle versions. Only one problem. Most of her books were contracted and written long before the advent of electronic publishing. Few, if any, of her contracts ever addressed electronic rights. A group of volunteer fans are converting her books as the enter the public domain. I snap them up on Kindle when that happens, and then I sort through my paper books so I can donate the duplicate.

So if you really, really pressed hard for me to pick just one book in all the world to be my favorite, I’d have to pick one of her books. It would break my heart, because there are so many others to love – but – it was Andre Norton who first gave me female protagonists who weren’t waiting for anyone to save them. They were getting out in the world with whatever skill they had, no matter how paltry, and acting on their own behalf. None of her books are romances, there are hints – little tidbits sprinkled amid the ray guns and sword fights. Not quite enough for me, thus, I write romance. Mostly.  The sword and sorcery short follows in Andre Norton’s footsteps. It’s heavy on the swordplay with just a hint of potential romance. Oh. And did I mention the battle cats? Yeah. Totally Saturday morning cartoon story telling on my part.

So. Want to make a start with Andre Norton? Pick your poison. Scifi? FORERUNNER FORAY or ORDEAL IN OTHERWHERE Fantasy? WARE HAWK or THE JARGOON PARD YA? THE PRINCE COMMANDS

Now. You want to maroon me on a desert island with only one book – not my Kindle? Robin McKinley. SUNSHINE.

Glances back at the list. Uhm. Is it legal for me to be a romance writer when none of my favs are – ya know – romances?

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