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twitterMy name is Misa, and I’m a Twitter-oholic.

All joking aside, I do spend far too much time on Twitter. I’ve tried to lessen how many hours I whittle away, but it seems impossible.

My problem stems from the fact that all my friends are ones I’ve met online. I’m not an overly sociable person unless I’m in an environment I feel comfortable. That comes down to fan conventions and writer meets. Since there are no writers’ groups nearby, I rely on social media. Sad, perhaps, but true.

On top of that, the decrepit laptop I use to access the internet has decided it can’t run IM programs. I can get on Skype if I close everything else, but I’ve few contacts on there. So I chat on Twitter instead.

Twitter makes the world smaller, brings friends closer and allows you to interact with celebrities.

Cliff Simon responds to a question in his own unique style. :D

Cliff Simon responds to a question in his own unique style. 😀


However, Twitter isn’t free of faults, and just this week there was a demand for the addition of an abuse button. I don’t believe that social media encourages such behaviour – those with discriminatory opinions would have had them beforehand – but it does make interactions seem remote. It’s important to police such responses to keep users safe.

And regardless as to the problems, I can’t imagine that I’ll be giving up Twitter any time soon.

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