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Happily Ever After

Hello Everyone,

Fairytales. Love em? Hate em?

I for one love them. There is just something so uplifting when it comes to a happily ever after.

But which is my favorite? This is a really hard question. I like so many. And I love reading them as much as I love watching the different renditions of them on film.

Of course I watched the Disney versions as a child. I loved Cinderella. But there are also some non-animated versions I liked better. The first one I ever remember seeing that wasn’t animated was Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

But as time went on the movies involving fairytales became so much better.

Ever After

Loved this version of Cinderella.

But my most favorite would  have to be Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

Now I really wanted to find something with the music from the sound track in it, but as I was looking at the trailers I noticed the music played in them was from Willow. Another awesome movie by the way LOL.

When I was in band we learned to play the music from that sound track and played it for our year end concert. Yeah, first confession, I was a band nerd. Trumpet. Go brass! But the music from this was awesome. I can not tell you how many times I have watched this movie. So this would have to be my favorite fairytale. 🙂

But I must give a nod to Once Upon a Time and Grimm. I love these two television series. 🙂

Check out Seductive Reunion and see why it received five stars. 🙂


Best wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh


Hello Everyone!

So my partners in crime want to know what gets me going. As I am typing this, I notice that no one else has scheduled their post yet, so I am going to make a prediction, LOL. I will probably be the most vanilla one here LOL.

My bullet proof kink would have to be oral sex. Man or woman on the receiving end. I think the image can be very sexy. There are a few times that I have seen this type of thing written pretty bad, but even in those cases I still get that rush reading it.

My favorite way to write this type of scene is with little interspaced pieces of dialogue. Maybe add in a few growls in the case of my werewolf books. But this also is a great way to add in the sense of taste. As writers it is beaten into our heads about always making sure to include the five senses. Well, in this case you can be a little truthful in the saltiness of semen or in your paranormal or sci fi cases you can get really creative. 🙂

So what gets you going, or what shuts you down?

Check out Winter’s Shadow and see why it received multiple five star reviews.


Best wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

Movies We Love

Hello Everyone!

It’s time for the Oscars again. So many good movies have won a coveted Oscar, but I was told I had to pick my favorite.

My favorite Oscar winning movie would have to be Avatar.

Layout 1

I LOVED this movie. I even paid to watch it in the theaters three times. This is an unheard of thing for me. Very very seldom do I watch a movie in the theater twice, let alone three times.

And then of course I bought it on Blu-Ray as soon as it came out. LOL

But seriously. From the moment I saw the first preview of this movie, I had to see it. And now I catch myself comparing other movies to it. Sometimes my mom and I will go to the movies while the kids are in school and my hubby is at work. When he asks me how I liked the film, I will say things like, “It was good, but it wasn’t Avatar good.”

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, go get it.

Check out The Fire Inside and see why Night Owl Romance gave it Five Stars and a Top Pick!


Best wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

When Zombies Attack

Hello Everyone!

So glad to be back. The last few months have been crazy with real life ordeals, but hopefully my streak of bad luck will slow down for a bit.

So, the zombies are attacking in mass. How would I survive during this time, you ask? Well, there is a good reason I’m a gun slinging redneck, LOL.

It wouldn’t be hard to find others in my neck of the woods armed and ready, sporting their camouflage.

But that isn’t all one needs to survive this time of hardship, no sir. One needs guidelines. And I can’t think of a better set than those in Zombieland.

Also, it never hurts to read up on the subject, so I would have to suggest for others to read Enclave, and Outpost by Ann Aguirre. Lots of tips for zombie like slaying in those stories.

Hope you all enjoy your day, and check out Magical Kiss, my new paranormal release for Ellora’s Cave. Bitten by Paranormal Romance gave it four stars!


Best wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

To Date a Werewolf

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever fantasized about going on a date with a preternatural being? Most of us paranormal junkies have at one point or another. But what does the perfect date make you think of? I think mine is really close to a scene I wrote in The Fire Inside.

The day passed by in a wondrous flash. Any lingering uneasiness had faded rather fast. Tyra smiled and laughed more than she had in years. They had visited the control station of the den, where she’d received many looks and whistles of approval that had Konrad glaring down some of his other pack mates.

After that stop, Konrad always seemed to be touching her, as if he were laying his silent claim. She hadn’t minded in the least. In fact the attention he paid her went a long way toward easing some of her nervousness. His fingers had played several times over the back of her neck, sending a tingling sensation to zip through her body. A few times he had even led her into a quiet corner or behind a tree to kiss her passionately until her knees grew weak and she’d leaned into his solid body.

They had stopped for a late lunch at a small restaurant run by one of his pack. She’d ordered a large juicy steak and her eyes had slid closed with the first flavorful bite. It had been cooked to perfection. Konrad had ordered lamb with mint sauce, and had offered her a bite. She’d moaned in gratitude as the morsel had melted in her mouth. She could definitely see why he enjoyed it so much.

Now the sun rode low on the horizon as Konrad tucked her into his side and they strolled quietly beside a small lake in a secluded area of his den. The heat of his palm warmed her hip.

“What are you thinking about?”

Tyra stopped, turning to face him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “About how this has been one of best days I’ve had in a long time.”

He smiled, enfolding her in an embrace that brought her body flush with his. “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. I like having you with me.”

“I like seeing you interact with your pack. You all act like one big family.” Something she’d missed. Her father’s pack had been small, leading her to believe its size was responsible for the intimacy shared among its members. But Konrad’s was large, and yet they still shared the closeness.

“I thought most packs were like that. Is that why you distance yourself so much? Was your alpha cruel?”

Her gaze drifted to his chest. “No Never cruel.” Sadness started creeping in and she didn’t want it to spoil this moment with him. She looked back up at his face, letting a smile play at her lips. “So, you have me out here all to yourself. What do you plan on doing with me?”

“You’re evading.”

She slid her hands up the tight muscles of his chest, digging her nails into his pectorals lightly. “Am I doing a good job at it?”

“For now,” he whispered before nipping at her lower lip.

Her lips parted and he rushed in, gliding his tongue provocatively against hers. Heat coiled inside her as his hands skimmed her bottom before lifting her off the ground. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he sank to his knees on the grass.

The new position brought her core into contact with his erection, and she gasped, clinging tighter to him as he kissed and nibbled her neck. Her hips rocked against him as deep need clawed at her insides. She wanted him like she’d never wanted another. The need to feel his flesh against hers had her hands scrambling for the hem of his shirt. She pushed him back long enough to rip his shirt over his head.

Her hands roamed over his upper body, relishing every hard plane and line. Her tongue and teeth played at the flesh of his neck and shoulder. Konrad growled his approval as he palmed her breasts in his hands. She felt the straps of her tank and bra slide down her shoulder, Konrad’s lips tracing each inch of skin he bared.

A cool breeze floated across her flushed skin as he bared her breast. Her nipple had drawn into a taut peak.

“You’re so beautiful,” he sighed before pulling the tip into his mouth.

She cried out as she fisted her hand in his hair, holding him to her chest in a silent plea for him to continue his exquisite torture. Her hips moved faster against him.

Konrad kissed his way back to her mouth, mumbling praises against her skin before reclaiming her lips. She felt his hand dip into the front of her white shorts, and she leaned back to give him greater access. Her body trembled and she grew slick with need as he dipped his fingers lower, caressing her sensitive flesh.

“Yes…Konrad…please.” Her body burned like never before and she needed the release he could give her.

He nipped her ear. “So soft…so wet.”

*Fans self*

I hope you enjoyed this snippet from The Fire Inside!

Also my very first ever print release is now on sale! You can get it at the Ellora’s Cave website or order it from all major book retailers!

Best wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

Villains that make us cringe with a mix of emotions

Hello Everyone,

Back again to talk about those pesky villains we love to hate. When I think yummy villain the first one that comes to mind is V’lane in Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. Never have I wanted to kiss and kill someone so much.

I can also appreciate as a writer what kind of work Karen put into his character to have half her message board members rooting for him while the other chanted Barron’s name.

Truly if you haven’t read this series you are missing out. It is one of my all time favorites and is the reason I now write paranormal stories. Before this I was an avid historical fan. Reading Karen’s Highlander books is what sent me chasing the first book in her Fever series. And speaking of her Highlanders, Adam was another villain I loved to hate.

Also, I would like to take a little time to tell you about my new Ellora’s Cave release Just for Tonight!

Kelly Devers has a crush on her co-worker Thomas Brigs. For a year he’s been the object of her fantasies, but she hasn’t dared to make a move on him. But when Kelly finds out Thomas is leaving town, she throws caution to the wind and gives into the yearning she’s suppressed for far too long.

Passion ignites as their bodies come together and Kelly is determined to enjoy the steamy loving. Even if it can’t last forever.

Best wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

Intro Virginia Cavanaugh and Giveaway

Hello Everyone!

I’m so happy to be joining these other great authors on this blog. 🙂 As we celebrate our kickoff, I would like to tell you a little bit about me and what I write.

I am married with five kids—hectic is a mild term—and an erotic romance writer. I worked as a nurse in pediatrics for a number of years until it became really hard with all the kids for me and the hubby to both work. So while at home I started playing with writing. I never thought it would go this far, but I am so happy that it did. I love telling stories and I love alpha heros. 🙂

So here’s a little bit more about my books.

Secrets of Night (The book that started it all)

When the tenuous peace between the Sorceresses, Vampires, and Shape-Shifters is shattered, Kierra, Sorceress Senator for the Order of Night takes it into her own hands to discover the reasons why.

As the Vampire member of the Triad for the Order of Night, Kale is no stranger to war, but isn’t eager to battle anew without cause. His investigation into the allegations that the Shape-Shifters are the breakers of the peace treaty are thrown askew when the woman who has haunted his lusty dreams is found doing recon of her own.

As the body count rises and more women disappear, Kierra and Kale race against the clock to uncover the secrets the Shape-Shifters are keeping. Imminent war and forbidden attraction threaten to implode their progress, while Kierra’s secrets may very well tip the scales of power.

See what Dodie of Happily Ever After Reviews is saying about this hot, sexy, erotic romance book. . .

“I loved this book…Virginia Cavanaugh has created a new world of vampires, sorceresses, and shifters that I would like to spend more time exploring. I can’t wait for the next story.

5 Tea Cups

See what Melinda of Nocturne Romance Reads is saying about this hot, sexy, erotic romance book. . .

“There is action, romance, sex, and intrigue. Throw in some paranormal elements and it makes for a very fun read. You’ll want to keep an eye out for future novels by this author.

4 Hoots

Deceptions of Night

Tempers run hot through the members of the Order of Night as Lex tries to settle in as the new Triad vampire.  But when a jaguar attacks him in his bed, his life gets turned upside down, and he discovers a new meaning to keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

Kill the triad vampire or your brother dies.  Shayla grudgingly accepts the assignment.  But she soon realizes that success is easier said than done as she lies prone, trapped against the floor and secured by the body of one pissed off sexy leech.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Lex wants answers and Shayla wants her brother returned alive.  They form a shaky truce as they seek out the man who has both.  Fierce attraction pushes them closer as mistrust tears them apart.  Deception lays in wait around every corner as they struggle to find the master mind behind the traitors to the Order of Night.  As the tension rises, desire begins to burn with an intensity that threatens to consume, leaving them to question whether they can find what they seek with their lives and hearts intact.

See what Yadkny of Happily Ever After Reviews is saying about this hot, sexy, erotic romance book. . .

“With a Mr. & Mrs. Smith vibe to this story, Ms. Cavanaugh takes action, adventure, and sexual tension to another level with this latest addition to the Order of Night series. I am very satisfied with how Lex’s story turned out and even more excited for Ms. Cavanaugh to continue with the next in this series.

4 1/2 Tea Cups

See what Marissa of Sizzling Hot Book Reviews is saying about this hot, sexy, erotic romance book. . .

Deceptions of Night was a very fast paced story, with lots of action, adventure, suspense and romance. I will definitely be looking for the next book in the series. (gotta know what happens next!) . . . a great mix of both paranormal romance and romantic suspense. Since I love both genres it was a delightful combo in my opinion.

4 Hearts

See what Delane of Coffee Time Romance is saying about this hot, sexy, erotic romance book. . .

“I love the characters in the story and the rhythm of the writer’s words….I highly recommend to fans of the paranormal not to pass up Virginia Cavanaugh and the Order of Night series; myself, I am already looking for the first book in the series.

4 Cups

The Fire Inside

Werewolves be damned. Tyra Smith had chosen to leave behind her very own nature to protect her heart after the heart wrenching loss of her own pack. She wanted nothing to do with another wolf. Never again wanted to feel the deep pain of loss. At least until a sexy as sin wolf named Konrad showed up, saving her from the roaming paws of another wolf.

The sparks of lust ignited a desire that burned with hellish intensity inside her, making her crave something she’d dared to forsake. The ability to resist waned. Was it a true mate bond that pulled her to him or just the heat cycle she was entering? Something only time could tell.

When a real threat from another pack presents itself, Tyra must move into Konrad’s den for her physical protection. But as things continue to heat between the two of them, would he also be able to protect her heart?

This is my brand new paranormal release from Ellora’s Cave!

Check out my other releases on my Amazon page. 🙂

Two names will be randomly drawn from the comments below to win an electronic copy of Secrets of Night. Good luck!

Best wishes,

Virginia Cavanaugh

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