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Lost in the Dark


What is it about the dark? You know the shill about how our brains are still living in caves, cringing in fear during the hours of darkness when humans switched from being the hunters into being the hunted. (A notion recently disproven via some genome comparison wizardry – though how our brains have changed and the effect on specific psychological traits has yet to be laid out precisely.) Sure, here at Darker Temptations, when we say ‘dark’, we mean metaphorical dark – you, our beloved readers rushing in where angels fear to tread, allowing our heroes and heroines to risk their lives, their sanity and possibly their souls by walking face first into whatever scares them. Werewolves. Vampires. Demons. All of the things that could possibly go bump in the night and sure, some us DO mean that in the filthiest way possible. Authors have, in effect, turned a flashlight on in cemetery and have domesticated the creatures that once terrorized people. Our heroines routinely cuddle up with their vampires and some days I wonder what makes that romantically attractive. Then I buy more vampire porn (as one of my friends calls PNR) and just enjoy reading the stories.

But our topic this week is Even *Darker* Temptations.  Humanity is rife with some horrific, fetid darkness.  We’ve watched terrible things happen this past week in a pair of wars that have turned humans in two different parts of the world into utterly inhuman monsters. Throughout the past two decades, we’ve seen multiple instances of one person reducing another set of humans (usually women and children) into nonhuman possessions. Our identity as humans has been built upon the basis of human sacrifice – the blood, bones and suffering of countless men, women and children throughout prehistory. We, as a species, are a damned scary bunch. The fascinating piece (to me) is the slide from rational homo sapiens in the modern, civilized world into the twisted, inky jungles of the mind. What do you suppose has to happen to a person to make ripping the beating hearts from peoples’ chests in an effort to stave off the end of the world sound like a good idea?

What does darker mean to you? Are there shadowy corners of human fear and/or experience you wish an author would address?

Happy Holiday Season – Where are my Keys?

Like a werewolf, sometimes I take on more than I can chew.  🙂  It’s the holiday season, and have I started to shop?  NOPE.  My mom and sisters are finished shopping – and we have a huge family.  When I say finished, I mean everything is wrapped and under the trees.

I worked at the college yesterday, went to a bball practice afterwards, then a charity auction for a Board I’m on…when I got home, our tree was up!  Yes, it’s something I like to be a part of, but this year, I was thrilled my hubby and the kids took care of it.  LOVE them!

Finals are next week, the holiday parties are starting, and did I mention I have a book due on February 1st?  I say all of that with a huge smile on my face.  Being busy makes me happy.  Scrambling around, trying to find my schedule, just tickles me.  Yeah, I’m odd.

But when I get away from reality, I can escape into whatever book I’m either writing or reading.  That world can be as organized as I want.  Of course, if you’ve read my books, my characters don’t seemed to get a break, either. 

So let me ask you this:  How are you doing this holiday season?  Are you super organized and ready to rumble (much like the king of the vampires)?  Or are you rushing around trying to find your car keys (much like me)?   Leave a comment and get entered in the contest for a kindle and our books! 

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