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With a Flick of a Finger: First Date with a Wizard #Darkertempts

I’m an east coaster, one of the luckier ones on the fringes not at the center of Hurricane Sandy.   As I write, the shush of the winds is getting louder, an odd tree branch  slams against the brick of the house, the  overhead lights flicker.  My heart to all out there in the middle of it.  Be safe. Take care.

There’s a reason storms steal such a prominent place in our stories, our nightmares and our aspirations.  A symbol of passion, pent up and needy, and one of rage seeking outlet, it is dark chaos before the dulcet calm of peace.   The anger of the storm outside brings out the grounding that shelter gives to our lives—it is our haven, a manifestation of safety, security, home.  Passion tied to home, rage to security—the foundation of romance.

Just think: A darkened living room, lit by soft glow of candles and scented by crispness of a wood fire. Cliché?  Perhaps, but also timeless.  For it is here closest to elements, yet protected from them, is where I would choose the perfect first date with dark, ripped and wizard.

My dream guy—a magic wielder, who can blaze the fire brighter, have it shimmer in rainbow colors, and refill the glasses with hot mulled wine with a snap even though the electricity fizzled out hours ago and the supermarket’s been empty for days.

In the confines of the house, those wizard power can create a romantic, erotic journey anywhere, any place.  With a few choice words and finger slides (I won’t say where), we’re floating on rose petals to the bedroom or on a canal in Venice with the an off-key gondolier (a little unexpected dissonance adds to the uniqueness of the venture) or windsurfing along the Great Wall of China, playing tickle on the ceiling, riding centaurs in a grass-lined basement. The possibilities limited only by your imagination and your fears without ever leaving home.

If you had yourself a wizard, what would you do with him?

Sabrina Garie is on a journey to create the most kick-ass heroine in romance fiction. You can meet the first heroine in Fires of Justice at Elloras Cave, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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